Learning from errors

We have developed methods that enable you and your teams to learn from workplace errors in a way that feels safe. We create positive environments where you are able to share learning, and find ways to identify innovative solutions that develop the services you provide.

linksErrors in the workplace can and do occur across a range of industries. The cost to industry and to the individuals involved is significant and increasing.





We offer one to one and team coaching which is constructed on enhancing your Resilience and Wellbeing, and a range of Executive Coaching and Mentoring services that develop your leadership competency to facilitate your career progression. We align these with the existing CPD activities you are engaged with to ensure that our coaching provision maps across to desired leadership behaviors.

We also provide coaching specifically tailored for individuals who have been involved in workplace errors and who are ready to re-engage with their professional careers.

We provide a coaching for court service for clients. These sessions are designed to ensure you understand the legal process, what is expected from you in court and how to present yourself and your evidence with confidence.


grays continues to contribute to the wider community by leading the Coaching Network . You can join the Coaching Network for free and as long as you contribute something you can participate in all activities. To be part of the Coaching Network community find us here







Our research services start by helping you to find out what questions are useful to you, we collect and analyse data, we make recommendations, we write reports and publications, and help you to present or disseminate findings. We will also work alongside you to help you develop the capacity in your organisation so that you have the skills and knowledge to undertake your own research.



Bespoke Resilience and Wellbeing Programmes and CPD

We will work with you to design programmes tailored to your needs, and will align learning outcomes to your individual, professional and organisational requirements.

We have a range of evidence based Resilience and Wellbeing programmes that can be adapted to your industry, and your resources.head crop 1




Project Management

We design projects with you that will inform service design and delivery, help you manage and priorities resources, and identify innovatory practices.

We will also manage projects for you, provide evaluations, and suggest recommendations for future practice/development.

We will assist in funding applications, help you to design robust, achievable objectives, and provide service evaluations of funded projects for external auditors.



Professional indemnity

grays have negotiated an insurance agreement with Westminster Indemnity, if you are in the process of renewing your insurance, and do it with Westminster using this link you will get £6 off your premium.