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View of Foxhill House showing the lawn and mansion
© Foxhill House and Woodlands. Used with permission.


Feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed with your life direction? Then come to our exclusive three-day retreat for rest, relaxation, and renewal.

Life is tough when you feel like you have lost your way. Everything becomes a real effort. You want to enjoy life, you really do. But when you feel as though you only have enough energy to get you through your week, it can be difficult to figure out how to break out of the same old routines. So you carry on pedalling furiously, when really what you need to do is to stop, and create some space for yourself to become somebody different. Imagine if you had the energy to make the changes you want? Imagine if you had the tools to help you sail serenely through life’s stresses and strains? Imagine if you actually looked forward to the challenges of the day? Take it from us, we know it can be done. And just to prove it, we’ve put together an exclusive three day programme at a beautiful country house, where you will find rest, relaxation, and renewal.

Rest: Imagine waking up to the sound of birdsong, as a gentle breeze rustles the leaves of the willow tree outside your window. Notice the sound of your footsteps echo on the tiled floor as you head outside to sit in a sunny corner of the peaceful garden.

Relax: Give your aching body and mind the relaxation it sorely needs by taking part in some gentle yoga stretches that focus on you becoming your ‘best self’. Eat delicious vegetarian food, wander in the garden labyrinth, walk through the beautiful forest, have time to write and reflect.

Renewal: And now to the future. The three-day programme supports your learning in how to deal with the stress makers in your life so that you regain a sense of balance and wellbeing. You can go deep in your healing with a personalised reflexology session, and take part in a one-to-one coaching session to help you move forward in life with a renewed sense of purpose.

Why this weekend programme is exactly what you need

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Discover your sense of purpose

Feeling unfulfilled in your life, at work or at home? Then let us show you how to develop a personal plan for turning your hopes and dreams into reality. At the same time, you will also gain the clarity, certainty, and confidence to move on with your life, so you’ll be able to look forward to the future.

Person looking at their reflection in a shard of mirror

Find the real you

Are you too busy being the person others want you to be, so that you lose sight of the real you? Don’t worry. Join us and learn how to increase your self-confidence and trust yourself again. At the end of your stay with us, you will feel empowered to be your ‘best self’.

Girl holding a crescent of watermelon in front of her face so it looks like a big smile

Create the life you want to live

Are you unhappy with your life? During this uplifting weekend, you will learn how to live a passionate, contented life; feel more positive; and rediscover your natural joy and kindness. Despite what the Bard says about parting being such sweet sorrow, we know that when you leave us, you’ll definitely be feeling much happier than when you arrived!

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Do you dread someone asking you to do something because you feel you don’t have the energy for them? If you’re not taking time out to look after your own needs, your energy levels will fall. We will show you how to restore your energy and reconnect to the world. After only a couple of days with us, you will leave with a renewed sense of vitality and wellbeing.

The sun glistening on a leaf in a forest

Find peace

Stress is an energy sapper. It affects you mentally, physically, and emotionally. We can teach you how to take back control of your life and how to manage life’s challenges in a grounded and more peaceful way.

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Feel well

Unfulfilled, unhappy, busy, tired, stressed. It’s a vicious circle of dis-content, which leads to dis-ease. We will give you a portfolio of resources to support your wellbeing, so that you will feel more relaxed and able to cope with life’s storms.

A personal message to you from Dee Gray, Director of grays

Hand holding an illuminated circle, with the text 'The light at your core shines brightly. When you remember this and look for it, you can find your way to wellness. Dee Gray.'

Investment in yourself is always valuable. But you must take the time to improve and sustain your wellbeing in order to honour the real you. Together, we will help you uncover and maintain your ‘best self’. The real you.


  • A pre-programme consultation for each guest, so that our experts can tailor the programme to meet your needs
  • The skills and knowledge to navigate your way to being your ‘best self’ long after you have left us
  • Dedicated one-to-one time with your allocated coach, who will support you as you learn how to live your best life
  • Yoga sessions, suitable for all levels, that will help you reduce the impact of tension on the body and mind
  • Dedicated one to one Reflexology session that will leave you feeling balanced and focused
  • Experiential workshops to help you develop resilience, relieve stress, improve leadership, and communicate effectively
  • Group walks in the beautiful arboretum and grounds
  • Three days in a serene, relaxing, environment
  • Delicious vegetarian food
  • If you require, we can also provide you with a professional CPD certificate that may help you in your professional life


Our trainers have a wealth of experience in coaching leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

Dee Gray

Dee Gray, Director of grays; Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, PhD, MPhil, ILM VII, PGCE, LLB Hons, RGN

I am an international expert in wellbeing, I design programmes that support people to live and work in stressful environments, and am a published author in wellbeing coaching. I am a highly acclaimed qualified professional wellbeing coach, and was trained as a coach by Professor Jonathan Passmore. I have an international reputation in helping people to flourish in situations that can prove challenging, and I am here to help you make your life shine with happiness.

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Pam Luckock

Pam Luckock, Wellbeing Coach; Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, ILM VII

I am a highly experienced ILM 7 Executive Coach and Mentor who has led work in complex and challenging situations to develop positive working environments. I love to create inclusive, non-judgemental spaces in which to host conversations that matter. As your thought partner for the three days, I will help you show up with more authenticity, confidence, and intention; helping you to become your ‘best self’ and creating a life you love.

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Anwen Thomas

Anwen Thomas, Troedio Adweitheg Gwynedd Reflexology; BA, BN, MAR-CRM5Dip

I am a MAR-CRM5Dip Reflexology Practitioner and NEPIP (Neuro-Endo-Psycho-Immuno-Pody) Practitioner, with a special interest in stress and anxiety. I show people who work in challenging environments how to reduce and manage stress in a positive way.

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Door of Foxhill House, slightly ajar, to show tiled floor
© Foxhill House and Woodlands. Used with permission.

Away from your daily routine, you will be supported through a truly holistic programme to reconnect with yourself in mind, body and spirit. In the tranquil and beautiful surroundings of Foxhill House, we will show you new ways to live your best ever life.

Foxhill House offers a range of ensuite rooms, and a few shared ensuite rooms. There is a small discount available for those sharing and this is refunded to you after booking. You can take a tour around Foxhill House here. Rooms are offered on first-come basis, and in order to provide you with the most convenient option, we have arranged for you to do this directly through Foxhill House.

Foxhill House is within easy reach of Chester, Liverpool and Manchester, either by road or train.


Check-in takes place from 5pm on Thursday 30th July 2020. There will be a full programme on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but with time to reflect and enjoy the grounds. We then bid a fond farewell to our guests at 4.30pm on Sunday 2nd August.

How to Book

We’d love you to come and learn how to be the person you really want to be, but places are limited, so we can give each person the support they need. To ensure the exclusivity of this event, we are charging £1876.19 per person, which is inclusive of everything during your stay with us.

Simply click on the Book Now button below, which will take you through to the Eventbrite secure booking portal. And if you’d like to find out more, just get in touch.

Looking after yourself is not a selfish act, it is a necessity in life. Now is the time to reward yourself to a short summer break where you will learn how to truly relax. Your mind and body will thank you.