Our work with you

Hello and welcome to grays. We are a service industry that specialises in the design and delivery of learning interventions that improve resilience an wellbeing, facilitate the learning and innovation from errors, and, enhance the quality and safety of service delivery.

Our work is focused in four main areas, these are;

  • Learning programmes
  • Research/evaluation
  • Facilitation/co-production
  • Coaching

We take time to ensure that all of our services are evidence based and achieve the outcomes that are identified in co-production. We would welcome an opportunity to discuss our work with you so please contact us at graysworks100@gmail.com




Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We take our CSR seriously and are open to suggestions of how we might get involved with projects and people.

Our current committments include:


This is a shared learning environment, designed and hosted by grays. We facilitate this space for colleagues who work in the public sectors who are interesed in resilience and wellbeing.

The Coaching Network is part of grays commitment to CSR enabled through shared learning and collaboration.

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We work with all sorts of organisations to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, skills and expertise. We incorporate creative approaches to knowledge development and knowledge sharing, this includes the use of  world cafes, action research and graphic illustration. We work to all size of budgets, and can deliver small bespoke pieces of work as well as designing and delivering substantial programmes and projects.
If you would like to know more please get in touch