Our coaching practice is garnered around developing the resilience and wellbeing of all our clients. We use grays evidence based coaching models and processes to bring you to a place where you can achieve and sustain peak performance.  Our practice is underpinned by wellbeing theories, and the sciences of positive psychology and pedagogy. We work with you on a one to one basis, and we work with your teams.

Our committment to you

Whatever your profession, we work with you so you have self-compassion, and always navigate towards being your ‘best self’.

We mobilise all of your internal and external resources that will sustain your resilience, and forge new directions for your role and career. In terms of your leadership, we ensure our work with you is in tune with you as a person, as a professional, and your organisation’s direction.

Your commitment to us

That you are ready to be coached, that you will dedicate time to the coaching relationship and will work hard to be your ‘best self’. You need to be fully engaged to learn how to become resilient, and be determined meet the challenge this may bring.






grays Coaching sessions are available on a one to one or team basis, sessions are tailored to the context and priorities of your organisation. Coaching sessions typically run for 90 minutes, people usually request 6 coaching sessions, these can be run face to face, over the telephone, via skype or a combination of all three.

We provide wellbeing coaching training in our introductory and first level resilience and wellbeing programmes.

We also provide coaching for courtroom appearances, these sessions are tailored specifically to your circumstances, and are designed to ensure you develop the skills necessary to deliver accurate evidence with confidence.


grays Mentoring
A Mentoring relationship is also offered to clients, Mentoring is seen as more long term support, which might be in the form of capacity building in your organisation and can take the form of helping you to establish your own coaching network, developing a coaching and learning culture or learning community.