Hello and welcome to your Adult Carers in Employment (ACE) programmes. These blended learning programmes are designed with and for Adult Carers who are also in Employment. We recognise the fact that you are doing two jobs, and while both may be rewarding, they will come with competing priorities and stresses. Your programme acknowledges and identifes your place in two workforces, one is within the formal occupation for which you are paid, and the other is your informal unpaid role as carer. For this second role we include you as part of the Third Workforce, which is over 6 million strong and sits between health and social care. Based on substantial research, the programmes are designed to facilitate individual and workplace practices that will improve resilience and wellbeing.

Your First level programme provides a minimum of 18 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), which you can use either within or outside of your paid work role.

Your Certified Trainers programme provides a minimum of 27 hours CPD, and can be used as part of your career development.

Both programmes are practically focused and competency based, both align with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) best practice and legislative requirements of wellbeing at work. for Adult Carers in Employment. For further information on this programme, and how to enrol please email graysworks100@gmail.com