About Us

grays was established in 2003 by Dr. Dee Gray  We began by providing training on legal accountability and working as an expert witness in court. From those early days we have gone on to develop ways in which to support staff to learn from workplace errors, and by doing so discover ways in which services can be improved.

Because we believe in supporting people to help themselves we have designed a range of services that include, resilience and wellbeing training (individuals  and teams), facilitation (workshop, meetings, consultations, information gathering), action learning and action research (we can train you how to do all of this too).

We also know how to get people talking and generating ideas for  innovation, and we can capture all of this for you either through a world cafe, through graphic facilitation, and/or through research and evaluation studies.

Through our coaching practice we support you and your teams through organisational change and career transition, and while we do this we ensure that everyone stays engaged with work and delivers their best.

We are serious about learning, and we work with individuals and whole organisations to develop programmes, learning networks and cultures. We work with public, private and third sector organisations, and accept small and large project commissions. All of what we do is co-created with you, so that not only do we provide you with the best service but we also learn along the way.



You can see all our Associates and who we are here, and you can follow us and share conversations on twitter @Grays100

You can look at Films and Pictures about our work here http://grays-learning.co.uk/films-about-our-work/

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