Who we are…..

Dr Dee Gray – Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts PhD MPhil ILM VII PGCE LLB Hons RGN

Hello my name is Dee. I lead on the design, development and delivery of grays learning programmes, bespoke organisational consultancy, and research. My work brings me on to the frontline with people (including the informal carer workforce) who lead within complex stressful working environments. I work with entrepreneurs to create mindsets for risk taking, and develop behaviours that ensure evolution and sustainability. I have extensive expertise in individual and collective wellbeing, and am at the forefront of resilience coaching. I work with grays Associates to progressively build our knowledge on front-line wellbeing, community wellbeing, LGBT+ wellbeing, and business wellbeing. I am a published author and international speaker and trainer. My business ethos is complemented by a strong social purpose, which is delivered through our CSR. I lead The Coaching Network, est in 2009, which runs solely on reciprocity.

You are welcome to tweet with me @grays100 and connect with me on linkedin http://tinyurl.com/nbf8vuk


Katherine Fiona Jones – Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts BA Hons. MFA

Hello my name is Katherine. I am an artist, creative writer, events marketer and researcher who has been with Grays since 2011. My research expertise lies in qualitative data capture and illustrating conversations during events. I have a penchant for copywriting and have been writing for the festival of marketing since 2018. I believe in enhancing peoples learning through creative outputs, play and interaction. I work to encourage people to engage with the arts in all their various forms. Underpinned by years of disciplined training, I have a natural skill in narrative, observation and communication, which make my visual facilitation clear, memorable and meaningful. I am accustomed to working with people from all backgrounds, age groups and professions. I have a natural ability to make you feel at ease, and am able to help you communicate your ideas so that you can take them forward in a productive and practical way.

Cecilia Rathe – LLB Hons Dip Psy

Hello my name is Cecilia. I lead the grays blended learning professionals programmes and am a facilitator in their leadership programmes. I’m a highly experienced Yoga teacher and Personal Performance Coach. I’m also a solicitor with over 20 years in the public sector, culminating in the role of Director of Law and Governance in a large North West local authority leading on major strategic projects and managing a range of service areas including Law, HR and Risk Management. My focus is on personal development and enabling you to become your best self by integrating Somatic Coaching, yoga and bodywork into my coaching practice. Somatics describes the practice of working with people in their wholeness.  It is a coaching style that brings the body forward as an advocate in creating a place for change and transformation.I therefore offer a truly holistic approach to your personal growth, helping to transform your thinking so that you gain powerful insights into your actions, how life works and how you can make better decisions and choices personally and professionally. My approach is motivational, challenging, compassionate and fun. I also hold a Diploma in Organisational Psychology and therefore have a sound appreciation of the interdependence of organisational and personal performance.

Olwen Mary Huws – ILM VII

Hello my name is Mary. I lead the grays coaching in practice programmes. I am both a qualified coach and coach supervisor (ILM level VII), and active researcher. I have had over 33 years’ experience in managing people, programme management and developing and implementing policy and strategy, particularly around the relationship/partnership agenda, within and across Government (UK and Wales) organisations. This includes as a trade union officer and as a project officer for the top Board at the Welsh Assembly Government. I have managed projects within major change programmes, including mergers of organisations, and designed and run a senior development leadership programme. I am passsionate about coaching and the possibilities it brings to support people through transition to a positive, engaged and meaningful future.

Stefano Ghazzali – Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts CMALT FHEA FLPI

Hello my name is Stefano. I am lead advisor for grays blended learning programmes. I am an Educational Technologist with over 16 years experience of the development and implementation of innovative online teaching solutions.  My knowledge and expertise has been developed working in environments that include the Language Technologies Unit of Bangor University, and with the Bangor Business School for the Chartered Banker MBA. I am an experienced Programme Development Manager, having led on all pedagogical and technological design for the MBS MBA and DBA courses at Manchester Business School. I have held senior posts as Senior Management Team Member for MBS, and as Non Excutive Director for a CIC. I am a Member of the British Institute for Learning and Development (MBILD).

My work interests include Personal Learning Environments, Collaborative Learning, student centric learning and my techie interests lie in Web 2.0, Data Mining, SQL, Relational Databases, XML, Middleware, Machine Translation, and Speech Recognition. I am a fluent Welsh speaker.

Alan Henry – Fellow of the Royal Sociey of Arts MA PGCE

Hello my name is Alan. I lead the development of grays LGBTQIA+ resilience and wellbeing programmes. I am a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and am passionate about equality and human rights. I have experience of working with the Merseyside Aids Support Group (Sahir House) throughout the 1990’s, initially as a phoneline support volunteer and later, providing one-to-one support to service users and their families. I am a teaching and learning professional with expertise in programme design and research, my experience extends to co-facilitating training for new Aids Support volunteers. I hold a Diploma in Teaching and a Master’s Degree in Education. I am a qualified coach and have experience of coaching and mentoring in higher education.

Pamela Luckock – Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts ILM VII

Hello my name is Pam. I lead the development of grays community resilience and wellbeing programmes. I am passionate about taking a human rights based approach to my work. I love to create hospitable, inclusive spaces in which to host conversations that matter.  My intention is always to be a learner and to encourage others to do likewise. I am able to contribute a range of skills, expertise and experience to the programmes. The thing that brings me joy in this work is having the privilege to listen deeply whilst hosting “World Cafe” conversations, practising as an ILM7 coach / mentor and as an action learning set advisor. My professional qualifications are in health, leadership and coaching. I focus my work within the community. Recently this has involved helping to establish an Incredible Edible project and potentially a prototype for the new ULab Wales 2019 hub. I invite you to connect with me on Twitter @luckockp

Sharon Perry

Hello, my name is Sharon. I’m the Research Technical Support for gray’s Programmes”. I have over 25 years experience in the tertiary education and NGO training sectors. I have an MSc in Information Technology and have more recently been involved in developing e-learning content for the commercial sector. I am also an author and you can find my event running guide, “Prepare to Meet: how to successfully plan your meeting the stress-free way”, on Amazon (https://www.amazon.co.uk/l/B01L01XYF0/). This book was based on many years experience organising events as part of my project management role in the university sector. My skills involve content editing, proof-reading, research, web design, graphic design, human-computer interaction, and project management.

Dr Oggy East – PhD

Hello my name is Oggy. I have close to 20 years building, deploying and supporting online collaborative learning environments for a varied client base, ranging from local authorities, schools, further and higher education colleges, not-for-profit organisations, businesses and charities. Before establishing Semantise in 2000, I had two years academic experience in educational technology in the School of Education, University of Bangor. I have worked on innovative online teaching and learning projects funded by the UK Department for Education, British Council and the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales. Prior to that I worked for eight years as an experimental neurophysiologist, working at Liverpool University, Wellcome Research Laboratories and the University of Manchester.

Anwen Thomas – BA, BN, MAR-CRM5Dip

Hello, my name is Anwen. I am the business owner of Troedio Adweitheg Gwynedd Reflexology. I am a MAR-CRM5Dip qualified Reflexology practitioner, I have a special interest in stress and anxiety. I have a particular interest in working with individuals who work in challenging environments to reduce and manage stress in a positive way. Besides working with clients in the private sector, I have developed my reflexology practice to work with Carers. I have trained in a specialist protocol called NEPIP (Neuro-Endo-Phycho-Immuno-Pody).

  • Neuro (neurology)
  • Endo (endocrine sysytem)
  • Psycho (psychology, mind & emotions)
  • Immuno (Immune system)
  • Pody (feet)

This is an advanced clinical reflexology protocol that is only available from reflexologists who have completed the Level 5 Reflexology Mastership courses. This specialist protocol at the cutting edge of reflexology focuses on stress and anxiety. It supports the connection between the communication centres of the mind with the immune, endocrine and nervous system. The feet are worked simultaneously using guided visualisation, breathing techniques and intention. It has been developed following scientific studies in to the relationship between the brain and the nervous system, their relationship to the endocrine system and how this affects our immunity when stressed and anxious. I have a BA (hons) in media and TV and have worked within the media industry for many years. Prior to becoming a reflexology practitioner, I worked in the NHS for over 13 years as a Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMN) BN (Hons). I have experience of facilitating group work for patients with dementia and their family. I have run stress and anxiety reduction groups.

Helo, fy enw i yw Anwen Thomas. Rwyf yn berchennog busnes Troedio Adweitheg Gwynedd Reflexology. Rwy’n ymarferydd adweitheg cymwysedig MAR-CRM5Dip, gyda diddordeb arbennig mewn straen a phryder. Mae gennyf ddiddordeb penodol mewn gweithio gydag unigolion sy’n gweithio mewn amgylcheddau heriol, i leihau a rheoli straen mewn ffyrdd gadarnhaol. Ar wahân i weithio gyda chleientiaid yn y sector breifat, rwyf wedi datblygu fy ymarfer adweitheg i weithio gyda Gofalwyr. Rwyf wedi hyfforddi mewn protocol arbenigol o’r enw NEPIP (Neuro-Endo-Phycho-Immuno-Pody).

  • Neuro (newroleg)
  • Endo (sutem endocrine)
  • Psycho (seicoleg/ emossiynau)
  • Immuno (sustem imiwnedd)
  • Pody (traed)

Protocol adweitheg clinigol uwch yw hwn, sydd ond ar gael gan adweithegwyr sydd wedi cwblhau cwr lefel 5 Meistrolaeth Adweitheg.Mae’r protocol arbenigol hwn, sydd ar flaen y gad mewn adweitheg, yn canolbwyntio ar straen a phryder. Mae’n cefnogi’r cysylltiad rhwng canolfannau cyfathrebu’r meddwl gyda’r system imiwnedd, endocrin a nerfol. Mae’r traed yn cael eu gweithio ar yr un pryd gan ddefnyddio delweddu dan arweiniad, technegau anadlu a bwriad. Fe’i datblygwyd yn dilyn astudiaethau gwyddonol i fewn i’r berthynas rhwng yr ymennydd a’r system nerfol, eu perthynas â’r system endocrin a sut mae hyn yn effeithio ar ein himiwnedd pan dan straen pryder. Mae gen i BA (Anrh) mewn cyfryngau a theledu, ac rwyf wedi gweithio yn y cyfryngau am sawl blwyddyn. Cyn dod yn ymarferydd adweitheg, bues yn gweithio am dros 13 mlynedd yn y GIG fel Nyrs Iechyd Meddwl Cofrestredig (RMN) BN (Anrh ). Mae gennyf brofiad o hwyluso gwaith grŵp i gleifion sydd â dementia a’u teuluoedd. Mae gennyf brofiad o redeg grwpiau lleihau straen a gorbryder.