About us

grays began in amongst the mountains and lakes in Wales, UK. The beautiful and dramatic environment has nurtured and insprired us from the beginning. Because of who we are, and where we create our work, we are able to find imaginative workable solutions and approaches to life’s challenges. We seek out new ideas, we try them out and we share learning from our endeavours. We nurture trusting working relationships and put these central to all of our assets. We aspire to global excellence and work locally, nationally and internationally with people as equals. Our business ethos is complemented by our social purpose, so that as well as focusing on success we balance this with our corporate social responsibility.

We believe in supporting people to help themselves. We know how to get people talking and generating ideas for innovation and sustainability. We ensure that everyone stays engaged and delivers their best.

We are also serious about learning, and we work with individuals, communities, and whole organisations to develop programmes, learning networks and cultures. We work with public, private and third sector organisations, and accept small and large project commissions. All of what we do is co-created with you, so that not only do we provide you with the best service but we also learn along the way.

Have a look around our website, see who we are and some of the work we love to do, read some of our blogs or become one of our guest bloggers, come and have a conversation with us ….and by talking we will begin our relationship with you.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short, is one of the biggest changes to data privacy law in recent years. It is designed to put you in control of how your information is collected and used by organisations.

We will hold personal information about you when you register for our programmes, ask for information about our services, or when you participate in any studies/evaluations we are running. We will never share your personal information with anyone else, and we will never sell your personal information.

You have the right to withdraw and change any personal information we may have, and you can unsubscribe from any marketing we may wish to send you about programme developments and/or events we are running. If you choose to do this all you have to do is to delete your account (if you are or have been on one of our programmes), and email us (graysworks100@gmail.com) to unsubscribe you from our mailing list


If you are part of our learning community “graysplace”, we may in exceptional circumstances, share your information without your permission if we reasonably believe you are at risk of harm or harming others,  or you might be breaking the law, for example on hate speech. Such disclosure is allowed under the relevant laws, including data protection law.


You can see all our Associates and who we are here, and you can follow us and share conversations on twitter @Grays100

You can look at Films and Pictures about our work here http://grays-learning.co.uk/films-about-our-work/

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